“One should always hire someone else to write their bio.”
— Oscar Wilde


That’s obviously not an Oscar Wilde quote, but it still serves as a decent icebreaker. It avoids me starting this page with, “Hi! My name’s Jacqueline.“

And now I get to skip to the funner stuff. I’m a number of things that you might be too: a Midwesterner, an avid Scrabble player and defender of the Oxford comma, a lover of cheesecakes and center brownies, a proud cat owner (hi, Kiva!), and paleogeography junkie. You’re probably not that last one, but you should be.

I work for Matador Network as their branded content editor, and on the side I freelance write, edit, and photograph both locally and nationally. Usually about national parks — I edited a large portion of the 2018-19 Oh! Ranger guides and have covered the topic for publications like Nat Geo, Fodor’s, and USAToday — sometimes about Norway (shout out to the St. Olav Ways!), and once in a while, even on my home turf of Iowa. Occasionally I’ll spot a billboard I designed around town, and that’s just as cool a feeling as seeing a URL with my name on it (as long as it’s not this one).

The world’s best blog, The Strange & New, showcases anything prior to this portfolio. If you’re a government agent searching for info — or for wonderful blog articles that are the antithesis of the vapid travel world — start there.

In addition to this travel writing/editing/photography life, I run Scene D, a small theatre company dedicated to social change. Next life goal? See all of America’s national parks.

All photos are my own, as is the site design. If you’d like to team up in any way, shape, or form, please feel free to reach out via this site or via email at jacqueline.r.kehoe@gmail.com.