Hi. I’m Jacqueline.



Travel Photography

Behind this text is one of my most fondly remembered shots — it’s of Glacier National Park, one of my favorite places on Earth. Doesn’t it make the air seem a bit lighter? Travel photography is something I went into out of logic — and ooh boy, does logic pay off.


Writing & Editing

AKA how the bills get paid. I’m Matador Network’s one-and-only branded content editor, and I’ve written for publications like AFAR, Nat Geo, and Backpacker — I’m always looking for freelancing gigs in this domain, too. Wanna pair up or just chat about the glorious em dash? So do I.



Ah, humans (and sometimes cats). What more complex images could there possibly be? I’d rather not have my own portrait taken, but I’d like to take yours. Bring your favorite prop and get ready to tell the camera a secret.


Graphic Design

Sometimes photos need words. How else do you get Facebook likes? Tell me if there’s another way, otherwise I’ll continue to make posters, Facebook graphics, and billboards.